6 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Gumuslu Perdelerin MRSA ( Hastane Enfeksiyonu) riskini azalttıgı klinik deneyle konfirm edildi

See It SAFE(R) kumasıyla yapılmıs perdelerin hastanelerde MRSA riskini azalttıgı 4 haftalık mini klinik deneyle gozlenmıs ve konfirm edilmiştir. Haberi gormek icin lutfen asagıdaki linke tıklayınız.
Silver curtains on hospital wards do help to tackle MRSA, a new study has shown.

Experts at Nottingham University Hospitals carried out a four-week trial, comparing three types of curtains - traditional cloth, curtains containing silver and curtains without silver.

The trial took place on two wards at the Queen's Medical Centre. Before it started, 200 curtains at QMC were swept with agar plates over a one-week period to see if any bacteria, including MRSA, was found after 24 and 48 hours in the laboratory.

The results showed that MRSA was found on more than 15% of the curtains.

After the trial, it was found that the rate of contamination was slowest with the silver-impregnated curtains.

MRSA was found on four per cent of the silver impregnated curtains, compared to 11% of cotton and polyester curtains.

Dr Tim Boswell, consultant microbiologist at Nottingham University Hospitals, which runs the QMC said: "This trial has provided some crucial evidence about hospital curtains and suggests they are probably an overlooked vehicle for MRSA transmission within hospitals."

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